Niche Capital offers 12-month and upward fixed interest loan notes in multiples of £10,000 starting at £30,000. Suitable for High Net Worth (HNW) investors, pension funds, family offices, and trust funds. All loans are secured on commercial or residential property.

How to investGeneric 5% Loan Notes

These are written across our whole portfolio of loans, spreading risk. Notes are 12 month maturity with a 2.5% coupon paid at 6-monthly intervals. Eligible for SIPP investment.

Specific Loan Notes 6 to 10%

For investors who want more fun, we offer direct participation in loans to businesses and property developers, with correspondingly greater risk but the expectation of higher returns. These are not always suitable for SIPPs. Typically, interest is rolled up to the end of the loan term (12-18 months).